Thursday, April 23, 2009

An ‘Eiffel’ of Brun

ifillA nouveau vénêër for France's Bridge-to-vertical-Nowhere....brrrrrown!

Eiffel Tower to be repainted [03.31.09]

PARIS (AP) — Spring has arrived and it is time for a makeover of France's most emblematic edifice. Once every seven years, every crevice, nut, bolt & beam of the Eiffel Tower is re-painted by hand.

The painting of the tower's tangled latticework is no small undertaking, requiring an estimated 66 tons of patented, signature "Eiffel Tower brown," 31 miles of climbing rope, and 18 months of work by painters willing to scale the lofty beams.

The painters still work with small, circular brushes, as they did in 1889, instead of sprayers or paint-rollers.

The tower has in the past been painted red, orange and yellow. It's maintained a signature brown color, which overseers say best accents the Paris skyline, since 1968. In the seven years between paintings, about 55 tons of paint erodes, they say.

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Unsigned Artist Radio said...

Ahh yes...Eiffel Tower Brown...what a great sounding color.

To be fair I never really thought about what color it was until I read your blog, but brown? That's not a great choice, but do the French ever make really great choices>?