Wednesday, February 24, 2010


cmixNot as fiscally valued as the 1938 Superman comic book sold for $1 million (originally 10-cents), but informationally valuable...

SLUDGE was a comic book series from Malibu Comics, set in the Ultraverse. It was created by Steve Gerber, Gary Martin & Aaron Lopresti. SLUDGE ran for only 12 issues, with one special: Sludge: Red X-Mas. A second special, Sludge: Swamp of Souls, was planned but never completed.

How: Frank Hoag was a corrupt NYPD detective who finally grew a spine when he was asked by his mob bosses to kill a fellow dirty cop. When he refuses, his own murder is ordered; he dies by a hail of bullets as well as a bomb. The explosion covers him with chemicals, which combine with the sewage from where the mobsters dump his body. The chemicals had regenerative properties and tried to heal Hoag, but combined the sewer substances with his body, transforming him into a huge mass of living slime. He awakens with a raging anger against criminals and an inability to think and speak coherently.

Powers: Sludge has a tremendous regenerative ability, healing most wounds in seconds, and able to regrow large areas of body tissue. Submersion in water speeds up this ability. He does not require air & is immune to most chemical toxins.

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