Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Medal Metal Meddle

me.dlTime to call Frisbee Protective Services bcs frisbees should *never* be microwaved.

The 2010 Olympic medals all feature work by Canadian artists Corrine Hunt & Omer Arbel, and are each laser-etched with a unique design so that no two of the games’ medals will be the same. But perhaps most interestingly, the medals are made from materials reclaimed from used electronics. All that gold, silver, & brown-ish bronze used to be running something... and now it’ll all be part of some of the biggest and heaviest medals in Olympic history.

The medals for the Vancouver Games have a wavy design likened by some grumblers to microwaved Frisbees or melted 45s. This after the sleek look of the Olympic Torch prompted the nickname Olympic Toke to go with the host city's rep as the pot-smoking capital of Canada.

Poking fun at the prizes has been sport since the unorthodox design was unveiled in October. "Yuck," groaned one detractor. "Fancy a Pringle chip?"

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