Monday, June 28, 2010

All in the Family

The hard shell flying disc has a cousin that is easy-going, kid-friendly & gentler.

The Amazing Jelly Flyer™

What's so amazing about the Jelly Flyer? It's the latest in flying disc fun! Unlike hard plastic flying discs, the Amazing Jelly Flyer is so floppy and flexible; you have to feel it to believe it. This high-tech silicone material feels like jelly and flies like a jet! Just 4" in diameter, the Jelly Flyer is safe indoors, or you can let it loose on the great outdoors. Colors: pink, blue, purple, green, & yellow.

The Amazing Jumbo Jelly Flyer™

This larger 8" diameter version of the Jelly Flyer is great for wild, yet safe outdoor play. It flies far & does stunts never seen with a plastic disc. Best of all, it is easy and soft to catch& never hurts the hand, even for small children. Squish it up and take it anywhere! Colors: blue, purple, green, & yellow.

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