Wednesday, June 02, 2010

List-en Carefully

frisbeewordOn this list, Frisbee is #29; on MW's summer list, Frisbee = #1!

#1: Frisbee
Where did that Frisbee come from?

The story involves 1950s college students playing catch with cake tins and pie pans – sometimes from the Frisbie Pie Company of New England.

There was already a plastic flying disk on the market called the Pluto Platter, and the students nicknamed it Frisbie. When Wham-O bought the rights to that plastic disk in 1957, they respelled the nickname and made it official.

Because Frisbee remains a trademark, the more earthbound generic term is flying disk.

#2: Marshmallow
#3: Dandelion
#4: Barbecue
#5: Dog Days
#6: Ketchup
#7: Solstice
#8: Picnic
#9: Perspiration
#10: Vacation

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