Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 1: March Madness

hennahanSaturday’s game was decided by one point, but don’t let that single score cloud your final judgment. Sludge’s muscle memory took over in the first half; as well as some leftover St Paddy’s Day luck – Joe’s henna-handed Callahan (score), Christy’s Hail Huck Mary to a lunging Mike (score), and Jen’s catch off a ricocheted D (score). 0-1, 5-2, 6-4.

Sludge’s pleasantly surprising active zone cup limbo’d DANCafE creating TO’s into points. Sarah ended the half by catching Matthew’s blade. 8-4.

Sludge seemed to be in a decent rhythm, but as was expressed in the huddle, would they be “Staying Alive”, after half? At 10-8 @4:00pm DST, Sludge seemed more concerned about a hurried time cap (12 pts or end @ 4:17pm) than their harried zone.
BeeGee Disc

The extended points that went brown in the first half now favored the team of Millennials. The team with 25 years of experience maintained; yet the opponents just weren’t making the mistakes they had before.

So...the last point of the game at 10-10. Sludge received the disc, and another back-&-forth, up-&-down tango ensued. The teams playing the point were just as eager to end the game as the 2 teams anxiously waiting to start the next game. This last point felt like it took 20 minutes as easily as it may have only been no more than 5 minutes. Anywho…Brian caught the disc very, very close to our endzone line (possibly so close some sideliners said he was in). He calmly pivoted, smartly called a timeout for brown to catchup, and gently placed the disc to the ground. The MTV Generation argued the called T.O. was a TO (turnover) bcs the game was being played under a hard cap. [Side note: This may a real rule IF in a tournament; generally, it’s just courtesy.] Sludge begrudgingly surrendered the disc to play some tough D, but then also gave up the last score.

Loss 10-11.

> Thanks to Generation II, Rachel & CH for their sideline support. I’d like to thank it was a fairly entertaining game to watch (if you had to).

> Perhaps, if it was known that there would be post-game cookies cooked up by Jen, Sludge would have played a little bit more “hungry”.

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Brian said...

Sorry to pull a Chris Webber and call a timeout we didn't have. Double sorry for not listening to the sideline who was saying I was in.

Not sorry for the good times and great playing by you all!