Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 2: ‘Youth’ Gotta be Kidding

Ultimate step
Sludge was slow to coagulate which delayed the first pull. Twenty minutes after the game start time, the game was still tied 0-0. Starting 4:3, the savage 7 (MicHael, MattHew, Joe, Brian, Sarah, Bucci & Jen) repeatedly showed their appreciation for the sideline time by favoring the sideline on offense.

Joe thrrew a pretty floater to Sarah for a score; CHris arrived in time to sprint to the cone for another score; MicHael had a lay roll out score; MattHew threw a backhand, I repeat BACKHAND, score. 0-1, 3-2, 8-4.

The zone cup defended well preventing the plentiful Ultimallerz any sort of flow in the first half.

Leading by 4 and having won the half & reached double digits, it felt like Sludge had fatiguely lost a step. At 12-7, it felt like Sludge had gained an advantage when the cap was set – first team to 13. For Sludge, that meant 1 more score; for the pink shirted youths, 6 points. In American football, 6 points = 1 touchdown; in basketball, 6 points = 2 (3-point) baskets, in Ultimate, 6 points = 6 single scores.

The ‘lost step’ turned into a staircase as the slothish Sludge offense was treading in one contested passing lane after another. Eventually giving up six (6) consecutive scores. The eight brown were valiantly down but it wasn’t without trying tiring. Loss 12-13.

:Notes: Thanks to Uncle CHarlie for playground supervision.

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