Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tourney: 06.05.11

:Game 1:
In a word, the first game was “effortless”. The opponents couldn’t handle the rematch field a team, and so danCAFE graciously gave us prior notice & a bye. Win (forfeit).

:Game 2:
Thus, Sludge’s second game became their first game to play. Rachel set the offensive tone right away versus Ultimallerz with a deep cut for a score & then later scoring on a fab forehand up the line by Jen. MicHael set the mooD with a layout swipe at the front cone & then, later in the same point, a tip away to prevent another score. Sludge was methodically moving the disc by either: A-throwing to the open cutter (usually Sarah) or B-dumping & swinging (typically to Charlie).
ultimate layout
5-3, 5-4, 5-5. At 5-6, Sludge’s stifling zone D revealed some weakness but kept composed especially near the endzone.

Sludge flowed back with “one with the Frisbee” Christy’s flick score to David. Before half, brown stayed in the game with Steve’s hand block and Brian’s huck. 6-8.

Though overcast, there was absolutely no wind; otherwise termed “negative wind” by the sideline. Sludge tightened up their zone D, and efficiently transitioned to a scoring offense. Like when Bucci smacked down the disc in the cup, and then Joe found Matthew for a score. 12-9. Points became even more competitive. A long point was finished off by a Charlie to David to Rachel to Andrew to Sarah score, adding only 1 to the score, but adding much more value to confidence, 12-10.

For the 13th point, during a timeout, Brian designed an iso play to Rachel from 20 yards for a successful score.

Now at 13’s, flashbacks of the 6-point collapse appeared. But that was 71 days ago (but who’s counting?); and Sludge was too BIG experienced to fail!

At 14’s, play was back and forth with each team controlling their own destiny of universe point. If the field was one yard wider, the game may have ended differently. As it was, Sludge worked the disc up to their end zone & Joe looked for options – left, right, sides, dump, up, down – and then tossed a low 4-yarder to MicHael for the DIffinitiVE final score. Win 15-14.

:Game 3:
Sludge won to advance to the quarter-finals, but lost the execution from the previous game. Down 3 early to CardSins, Matthew connected with Steve for some flOw. Sludge was seemingly in this game with a Mike D, a David huck & a Russ appearance, 3-8.

This game was memorable because Sludge primarily played person D. The reason: brown's zone was not effective! 4-12. Loss 5-15.

Notes: Thanks to Dennis from SnacPac who contributed surplus water. Not quite the pool party we expected!

Tied for 3rd place!


The Reilly Family said...

Almost as fun to read the recap as it was to play the games!

Rachel H. said...

Agreed, and much less exhausting.