Friday, January 06, 2012

Like, Whatever

Take a second to think about the word Ultimate. Now, make that second last & you have penultimated Ultimate.

English includes more words than any other language, and this glorious variety gives speakers of English an unparalleled capacity for nuance and precise expression. But sometimes this gift can be difficult to discern.

Alarmed by this tendency, the Word Warriors of Wayne State University propose to help rejuvenate the language we love by advocating for words of style and substance that see far too little use.

Word Warrior's 2012 list of remarkably useful and expressive words that deserve more chances to enrich our language: Antediluvian. Erstwhile. Execrable. Frisson. Parlous. Sisyphean.  Supercilious.  Transmogrify.  Truckle. And,...
Penultimate - Next to last. Winning the penultimate Ultimate game allows that team to advance to the last Ultimate game (the championship).

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