Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ultimate Board Game

Sit down & play Ultimate!

ULTIMATE - The Flying Disc Boardgame

How to Play: ULTIMATE is a boardgame for 2 players, dedicated to the sport of Ultimate. In the real sport and in the Ultimate boardgame, two teams of 7 athletes compete to launch and receive a Freesbee in the opponent's end zone, scoring 1 point. In the boardgame, the team who first scores 3 points wins. Or, players may agree to the best score after 15 or 30 minutes. The game board is a hexed field. The team in possession of the disc may either: MOVE one athlete, OR LAUNCH the disc.

Info: Created & illustrated by Angelo Porazzi, proud member of Ultireds Milano Team (1988). Set includes:
(1) MiniDisc
(1) Hexed field, A3 format, full color, protected in a laminated shield
(1) Rule Sheet , A4 format, full color, in English, protected in a laminated shield
(2) TEAMS of 7 athletes each, mounted on coloured woodenblocks. Option to customize per your favorite team color(s) [NOTE: One "real Ultimate Team" available is: "Sludge, Endicott USA: Brown, Black, Brown"]

Price: 15 euro (~$20 USD)
More Rules:
When an athlete receives the disc, he must stop in place, but his teammates may still run and receive the disc. In doing so, the team attempts to receive the disc inside the opponent's end zone.

Before launching, the player must declare the pattern of the disc that, on the hexed field, may be along a straight line or along a "two segments line" forming an angle of 120 degrees, see pattern examples on rulesheet.

The team on defense can move one athlete per turn trying to:
-make pressure on the disc keeper, by moving a defender close to him
-place athletes near each possible receiver to improve possibilities of deflecting or intercepting the disc.
If this happens, the defense can immediately take the disc and start from that point, in opposite direction.
Defenders may intercept if they are close to launcher or receiver and if the disc pattern is over or adjacent to them.

All athletes have different bonus for launching, receiving and defending.

This game is very easy, much more easy to play than to explain. Only must is: roll your dice in a REAL DISC.