Monday, February 27, 2012

AUDL Game Seating

A few more weeks until the opening pull of the American Ultimate Disc League! The AUDL field will be as wide as a football field at 53 1/3 yards with an 80 yard field + 20 yard endzones.
AUDL field example
Following football seating advice, the best place to sit is at least 15 rows up from field level within 10 yards of the middle of the field [40 yard line for AUDL field]. These between-the-30-yard-lines seats will give the ticket buyer both a feeling of intimacy & perspective. You will be nearer to the action if you are closer to field-level, but your view may be obscured by crowds along the sidelines. You may also have a difficult time seeing the spacing between offensive and defensive players, the formations and seeing the play develop. Being a little higher up gives the viewer a better angle to watch the play unfold.

--> Buy AUDL tickets. ($5 - $12)

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