Monday, February 13, 2012

VOA: Sport of ultimate Frisbee

Players from DCPickup, and Dan "The Stork" Roddick are interviewed in this radio piece.

Why the Stork and His Friends Play Ultimate [VOA - 1.31.12]

Today, we talk about a game that many people love, but few have heard of. It is the sport of ultimate Frisbee...
CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Ultimate players run several kilometers in a single game. And they can play three games back to back in a competition. That easily adds up to twenty or twenty-five kilometers. But Shana, at least, thinks running to catch a disc almost does not seem like exercise at all.

SHANA WALLACE: “I used to run miles and miles a day, and I didn’t look forward to it. And this I look forward to every day, and it’s, it’s great.”

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: The game of ultimate may not be as popular as American football. But “The Stork” says ultimate teams can now be found in many high schools and almost all colleges in the United States. And the game is played around the world.

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Ultimate is also an event at the twenty thirteen World Games in Cali, Colombia. But as the sport becomes more competitive, it can be harder for people to remember the Spirit of the Game.

THE STORK: “There have been people who’ve played and have been jerks. And it’s required observers to come in and essentially take over the game and that’s a disappointment to everybody.”

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: But bringing in observers is the exception. Most players seem to trust each other. And players say that trust, and the culture that it creates, turns ultimate into more than just a sport.

THE STORK: “Someone said that ultimate doesn’t build character, it reveals it.”

SHANA WALLACE: “It’s just a lot of fun, it’s really good exercise, and the Spirit of the Game aspect of it teaches good character traits at the same time, and so it’s just a win-win.”

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