Sunday, July 08, 2012

AUDL Game Playing

During week 12 of the AUDL season, two scheduled games were not played. One was postponed 3 days before without any explanation by either teams (or the AUDL). The other was declared a forfeit (by the AUDL) one day before.

Indianapolis AlleyCats @ Rhode Island Rampage (6/30/2012 @ 3PM)

Postponement tweet on 6/27. No explanation.

Columbus Cranes @ Bluegrass Revolution (6/30/2012 @ 7PM)
Forfeit announcement on 6/29 by Bluegrass Revolution.
Upon further invesTWEETigation, Columbus understandably blamed the recent heatpocalypse as a factor for not playing, but they also contest the forfeit -- "Not a forfeit from us."
(Deleted tweet from Columbus Cranes)
Beyond team inactivity, the published AUDL rules dictate a forfeit is when a team cannot field 7 players; the head official determines a postponement -- as in Week 3. So, what criteria are professional teams of the American Ultimate Disc League using to determine game playability status? As an AUDL fan, I don't understand league governance.

The AUDL Rule book [2012 Season . Version 1.1 - 3/29/12] is 27 pages long and details the specifics beyond the general rules.
  • There is ONE reference to "Forfeit"...
Under "Players/ Team"
Each team shall field seven players. Each team shall have no fewer than 12 players from the active roster, in the proper uniform, able and ready to play at the beginning of each game. In the event that there are only seven eligible players remaining and one of these players is injured and must leave the game or is ejected, his team must forfeit the game if the injured player cannot return to play.
  • There is ONE reference to "Postponement"...
a. For the purpose of game cancellation, the Officials' jurisdiction begins with the opening pull. Prior to this, it shall be the decision of the home management whether or not playing conditions are such to warrant postponement. However, once the game begins, if because of extremely hazardous playing conditions (such as lightning) the question arises whether or not the game should be cancelled, the head official shall see that EVERY effort is made to continue the game before making the decision to terminate or delay it. If a game is terminated before half time, all play is negated. If a game is terminated after half time, the game is over and the final score is the score at the point of termination of play.

Further, here's the AUDL official published scores of the 2 affected games:
Indy @ RI - Postponed... Columbus 0 @ Bluegrass 1

Again, how is a "forfeit" considered a 1-point victory (1-0). As someone who follows the AUDL, I would like some answers because there doesn't appear to be much accountability.

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Raymie Younkin said...

The Bluegrass Revolution vs Columbus Cranes game on 6/30/2012 at 7pm was ruled a forfeit by the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) on 6/29/2012. While there was a heat advisory for the Lexington, KY area, the AUDL had ruled that sufficient safeguards were in place to mitigate risk and allow the game to occur. It was our wish to play the game on 6/30/2012 and provide our fans with a quality sports experience. We look forward to playing the Cranes in our next matchup on 7/22 in Columbus, OH.

Raymie Younkin
General Manager
Bluegrass Revolution