Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Cool Clothing

This clothing is literally SO COOL! The question for Ultimate teams is: Can it be sublimated?

Another question...
Would wearing this cool clothing be in violation of this Ultimate rule under IV. Equipment?
B. Players may wear any soft clothing that does not endanger the safety of other players or provide unfair advantage.

OMNI-Freeze Ice [Columbia]

Info: This active cooling technology makes use of moisture to lower the temperature of the fabric, so it feels cool to the touch, and so you stay extra comfortable in hot conditions. The difference from wicking materials is blue rings of cooling polymer cover the garments, which swell when exposed to moisture -- letting air pass around you. Shirts, pullovers, hats, fingerless gloves and shorts.

Price: Shirts: $50 (men) / $45 (women)

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