Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Flatball Documentary Now Available on iTunes

The documentary, Flatball - A History of Ultimate Frisbee, is now available via iTunes. The film which was crowdfunded in 2014 had its world premiere in the fall of 2016. 

Info: In 1989 Sports Illustrated magazine ran an article about ultimate frisbee - about a team with no name hailing from New York (NYNY) that would change the game forever. The New Yorkers brought not only sophistication and athleticism to the game, but also a high level of intensity - some thought too much intensity. Often vilified for their physical play, they nonetheless shepherded in a new era for the sport. Five million people now play Ultimate around the world, and recent recognition by the International Olympic Committee indicate the sport's growing legitimacy. In 2012, the first ever professional ultimate league was launched in the United States - with referees replacing ultimate's throwback 'Spirit of the Game' rule; as the conflict between ultimate's deeply-spirited roots and its ambitions for a broader audience continues. Directed by six-time world Ultimate champion Dennis Warsen and narrated by Alec Baldwin

Price: $12.99

Buy on iTunes.

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