Monday, May 22, 2017

Jonathan Nethercutt (Raleigh Flyers) Throws A Fakest

Jonathan Nethercutt of Raleigh Flyers already has a Greatest to his name this AUDL season. In Week 8 against the Jacksonville Cannons, "Nutt" adds a "Fakest" to his resume.

It happened early in the 4th quarter, the Flyers were in red zone and Noah Saul threw a floater which Nethercutt (#7 in white) snagged the disc with one hand as the Jax defender James Koerner made a diving bid at the disc. Nutt established a pivot foot, looked back a the fallen Jax players and threw a no-look backhand for a score to a wide open Justin Allen.

Raleigh would go on to win 21-20 over Jacksonville.

{UPDATED with better video}

[Video ripped via Full clip at AUDL]

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