Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Live Stream for WFDF Under-24 Ultimate Championships Scheduled at Under 24 Games

WFDF's World Under-24 Ultimate Championships start on Sunday, January 7th, in Perth, Australia.

The international ultimate tournament has scheduled nearly 200 games over January 7-13, 2018. Yet only a fraction of scheduled games are planned to be streamed by; of the 196 scheduled games only 22 (11.2%) are planned to be broadcast via WFDF YouTube Channel.

 U-24 Division Total Scheduled Games Broadcasted Games Broadcast %
Men 74 games 7 games 9.4%
Mixed 63 games 7 games 11.1%
Women 59 games 8 games 13.5%

The 'under 24' ultimate games of the Under-24 ultimate tournament are less than the "more than 30 games" to be live streamed as promoted in a recent tourney e-newsletter.  

We are looking forward to watching the live stream broadcasts but wish the other 174 u24 ultimate games not on the broadcast schedule could somehow be captured as well.

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