Sunday, December 31, 2017

Do Over: Ultimate in 2017

The 2017 calendar year was a hectic 12 months! Here are some memorable moments:
[in no particular order]


Best Reaction: A high school player received an autographed photo from Jesse Shofner.

Best Offer to Help: Madison reaches out to Atlanta Falcons.
[Honorable Mention: Mickle-Kocher RT match]

Worst Trend: Premature Spiking, like this and like that.

Best Correction: The Washington Post's Sports Bog.

Coolest Product: Motivational posters from Upwind Ultimate

Best Tribute: Madison NOISE's club season uniforms

Best Ultimate Exhibition: EuroStars Ultimate Tour (July-August 2017)

Best Twitter Exchange: Rico & Rachel (June 2017)

Best Fundraiser: The Sky is Red, the untold story of the push for gender, race, and class equity in the growing world of ultimate frisbee from 1968 to the present; at year's end, 1,066 backers pledged $76,919.

Best Highlight Compilation: Video posted by BENT

Easiest Burn: Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek

Biggest Oops: Sachin Raina (Toronto Rush)

Best Mascot: San Francisco FlameThrowers'  THE FLAME

(Oh, and THE FLAME speaks.)

Best Ultimate Video: Roller...

Biggest Shock: USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford's estimated price tag for AUDL partnership.

Best Modification: Seattle Mixtape USA Ultimate mixed division club trophy.

Fun Fact: World Beach Ultimate Championships logo.

Biggest Upset: Russia's 11-10 win over USA Women at WCBU 2017.

Best Meme Application: By Liam Rosen

Best Acting: Little Babbitt in the various promotions

Best Innovation: Cascades Cup: San Francisco @ Seattle (April 14, 2017)

Best Fashion Statement: Denver Molly Brown

Best Exposure: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's ulti swag

Best Commentary: Ultimate > Football

Best Spokesperson: Rena Kawabata for being a regular voice of reason (thank you very much!) and champion of gender equity.

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