Friday, January 25, 2019

Distance Chart of Premier Ultimate League Teams

Seven total teams are planned to compete in the pilot season of Premier Ultimate League. Six of the 7 teams are based in the Unites States; Revolution - a club ultimate team - is from MedellĂ­n Colombia. The six American PUL teams are not just geographically dispersed within the country, but there's one team from South America in their league!

NOTE: Distances based on city points, not stadium locations.

Travel is a significant cost for any sports league. PUL will need to be creative with their scheduling while balancing the want and need of teams to host events in their own city in order to showcase PUL to their fans. The PUL (2000) proposal had 2 teams travel to a 3rd team's city where 3 games would be played. The UUL (2018) proposed to have 4 teams play at one host team's event.

Atlanta Soul, Austin Torch, Indianapolis Red, Nashville NightShade, and Raleigh Radiance were established  last year and participated in a multi-game mini-season. Of note, Detroit Riveters played games in 2018, but are not listed in the 2019 PUL pilot season. New York Gridlock is the newest team that has recently formed. Revolution visited Austin to play a showcase game in May 2018 which Revo won 14-5.

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