Friday, January 11, 2019

The New York Times' Illustrated Recap of Club Nationals

Agnes Lee published an interactive [desktop version] storyboard about USA Ultimate Championships in The New York Times. Bids, Blocks and Fun: A Weekend at Ultimate Nationals is a fantastic animated storyboard which captures snapshots from the club championship that was held in San Diego.

It probably helped that the local (New York) club team won this year's USA Ultimate championship in the men's division.

The NYT piece concludes with:
"Ultimate is a small but growing sport. With an ethos of good sportsmanship, which was on display at the national championships, it should continue to grow for another 50 years."

In the printed(!) Sunday(!) New York Times, the black-and-white piece appeared in the sports section:

My only knock against this magnificent storyboard is the foul demonstration incorrectly shows the hand signal used by players and observers. We look forward to reading this again in the NYT Corrections section.

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