Sunday, May 20, 2007

Safety First

Sludge goes Oh-Fer, while a Sludger goes Four-Oh.

Charlie provides a dispatch:

We neglected to abuse Russ enough for passing the big 4-0 this week. Luckily, the lovely Elisabeth and Charlotte Rose and Amelia found their way to pickup on the Washington Monument grounds complete with candles in the wind and delicious cupcakes to help honor the occasion.

Sadly, Russ's game has slipped now that he has passed the big 4-0 with repeated drops and unsuccessful throws. So, rather than pile on, perhaps we should all forgive him.....because that's the kind of guys and gals we are????

Luckily, I informed him of the multiplier effect (if you game has fallen to 25%, you just multiply it by your age to get a perfect 10!, so everyone please start increasing your tolerance of his deteriorating skills and decrease your expectations on (and off) the field.

Sadly, several of you did not receive the party favors of Sunblock (SPF 30 - still living in the past obviously) with a color photo of Russ attached and the motto "safety first" emblazoned on there.

Luckily, we do still have Russ Lamotte to kick around for a little while longer, at least.

God Bless Russ and God Help Elizabeth!

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