Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tourney: 05.12.07

Three Strikes, You're Out.

First up in a tough draw was a second chance against these x-A-Leegers. Sludge eventually showed up.

Sludge played well in the first half, except the number of Sludge turnovers were greater than points. Plus CHOMP’s burned holes through Sludge’s D. Sunscreen was the initial culprit for the TO’s, but overall change was demanded with Sludge down 6 at half.

Would the 2nd half convert into Benchmarks? OR a just a Bench?

What took place was a well coined SLURGE -- a gutsy we-could-still-WIN-this attitude. David hammered down a beauty cross-field score; MJ easily found ways to get open; Joe displayed slight of hand defense; Gayle fantabulously bee-lined her cuts; CH had a hot defense-makes-offense point; Kelly always beat her defender as Nigel ran circles around his; and Matthew shed blood for this team!

The glimmer of victory vanished as quickly as Mister Mike Fisher’s appearance. The point cushion was just too much to overcome and Sludge lost by 5.

The second game was versus Sludge’s arduous foe Durty Luvers. This was a rain check game since Sludge escaped playing DL during the season.

Immediately, Sludge found themselves dirty dancing (20th anniversary of the movie, hey-o!) in a highly contested first half on a very dusty field.

With Sludge +3 at half, everyone was feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Sludge was hangin’ in the shade, gorging on delicious snacks, contemplating the role of green beans at a Frisbee game, and straightup chilling. Good to Go right?
Value the disc.

Happy place.
Play our game.

Our backs are against the wall.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
When phrases like these fly, you know someone's suggesting for an escalation. 10-7. By 10-10, "110%" made this day-in-the-shade a wicked ribbin' (sic: ribbon).

15-11. A loss that really hit below the Beltway.

I bring you the first (& probably last) s/glog pantomime (graphical summary) of Kelly’s expressions before, during, & at the end the game…from left to right...

:) ... ;)... : 0... : (

By the 3rd game, Sludge was tired…tired of LOSING! In the 0-and-2 Bowl, the game traded winners. Like the preceding games, Zone D was rarely played in this game against HuckNorris to prevent the namesake. Thankfully, Meg, Andrew, Brian, Chris,
, and Jen still had the legs to keep up.

At halftime, Sludge was up 8-7. Sludge was certainly thinking we can win this one as HN was thinking cans, as in Coors.

Sludge scored 15 points first so one could (politically) argue this definition of a "win." Truthiness here is Sludge had as many missed opportunities for victory as there were spent banana peels on the sidelines.

You know the feeling of getting stiffed when splitting the dinner+drinks bill equally even though you weren't drinking?! Yeah, that happened to Sludge during this 16-17 loss.
Oh well on this Oh-for-3 day. With this Tourney's first day turned into an end-of-the-season, may the memories of the game outcomes wash away as swiftly as your dirty “sock tan.”

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