Tuesday, December 23, 2008


camdiskDrifting in from the "What D-vice hell?" department comes the Frisbee camera...

Yes, in case there [isn't anyone] around to impress with your acrobatic Frisbee tossing, now you can record all your amazing jumps and throws for playback on your cell phone.... And if you're thinking the footage from a spinning Frisbee would most likely give you vertigo, designer A. Sutcliffe is one step ahead of you: a fin on top of the disc attaches to a rod that pokes through the center axis, which in turn attaches to the camera [on the underside]. The upshot is the cam stays totally stable even if you give the Frisbee the ol' zig-zag chuck.

So many questions: can you hammer the Frisamera? are you limited to only catching the edge of the Discera? who would really buy a Camerbee?

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