Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Ahead

garfpotusA known individual is moving to a street named for the funniest comic cat.

Last week, a sandstone statue of the 20th prez was beheaded in Ohio.

This weekend, a certain 'joe' was boasting about a gritty acquisition for his (new) home that "once & for all" will prove the real Garfield namesake. Coincidence?

Statue of former president loses head in Ohio [5.18.09 - AP]

Someone has beheaded a statue of President James Garfield that was installed last week at an Ohio college.

Hiram College spokesman Brown says the vandalism was discovered Friday morning, just a day after the sandstone statue was dedicated on the campus in Hiram, 30 miles southeast of Cleveland.

Brown says the college is hoping the head will be recovered so the 95-year-old statue can be restored, but police have no leads in their investigation.

In the mid-1800s, Ohio native Garfield was a student and later the principal at the school that later became Hiram College. He was elected the nation's 20th president in 1880. The statue was acquired for Hiram by a college trustee who found it recently on an eastern Ohio farm.

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