Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spinning In Your Mailbox

freeThe mag industry is being thrown to the curb, but that fact can't stop this ingenious-designed throwable magazine!

Launching this July, Freeestyle is the creation of Berlin-based fashion photographer and flying disc enthusiast Jason McGlade. Each issue of the magazine will be printed in ink on paper; however it will be circular in shape, and slotted inside a Frisbee that has been styled by a selected designer or illustrator.

Invented "for creative people who like to play," the magazine will feature art, design, fashion, lifestyle and of course Frisbees. Mr. McGlade, Freeestyle's editor-in-chief/creative director, says the Frisbee "appeals to all design-minded people who appreciate a piece of plastic that is so simple yet can fly and inspire people—a true design classic."

Issue one, in a limited edition of 5,000 at a price of €15, is about to become available in select stores worldwide & on the magazine's Web site.

As the Freestyle slogan says, Catch It If You Can.

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