Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 10: Ream-deeming

goAfter a week to recover from its first loss (game) in 2009, Sludge had plenty to sort out. First was the field layout within the long, green grassed landscape; second, was orientation of receiving the disc to start the game.

On this beautiful day to play disc golf, Sludge was properly queued up and spun out the first 7 points like a large print job where its multiple parts were connecting, supplying the right amount of precision, & finishing neatly warm.

By the time NICH arrived, brown masterfully stapled the first half with dominating Zone D & c-O-llating short, medium and long throws to respective cuts. Nigel caught some, Andrew threw some, Russ caught his own score (ho-hum...Sludge's 2nd of the season).

Hi Vo threw a dreaded PAPER JAM which changed the toner of the game, so Sludge's 1st half performance did not copy well to the 2nd half.
Sludge had to duplex their efforts with David's clutch clench, Christy's papercuts, paperthin fastballs by Meg, while MJ flu around. Win 15-8.

:Game Notes:
> Thanks, Fan Base (...And' 1!)
> Mi Rancho was muis impressio'd w/ el victorino, they comp'd our chips + salsa!

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