Friday, July 17, 2009

No PARK Here

noparkBanning thrown objects at a place to park is more logical than ridiculously preventing it at a park where the object is to enjoy a Frisbee toss.

Canton Park-Goers Question Ball Ban [7.10.09]

CANTON, Ga. -- A city ordinance in Canton has some residents up in arms. Balls, Frisbees (or a combination of both) and just about anything else you can throw is off limits in city parks.

The wide open spaces of Canton's Heritage Park border on the Etowah River. On a warm summer day, it's a perfect place for a walk, a jog or maybe an outdoor game, as long as those games don't involve a ball.

Canton Mayor Gene Hobgood said the ball ban was put in place after joggers and runners complained. Heritage Park is designated as a "passive" park.


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