Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long Arm of the Law (physics)

iawardThe results have landed from the Iron Arms...

The weather was cold, the wind was up & spirits high! The Iron Arm Distance Challenge was filled with culture, excitement and international comradery.

After 2 days and 6 rounds, World Disc Golf Champion Avery Jenkins (USA) becomes THE 2009 IRON ARM DISTANCE CHAMPION! Avery threw a 167 gram chartreuse PRO BOSS 183.08 meters (600 ft/200 yds). His throw eclipsed Japanese Champion Manabu Kajiyama who threw 171.99m. Manabu also threw an INNOVA PRO BOSS. Coming in third was long time Japanese Distance Champion Shori Ouchi with 166.77 m and last to step upon the podium was Kao Wei Lun a new distance threat from Taiwan.

Yumiko Tauchi captured the ladies title with a 121.32 m (398 ft/132 yds) R-PRO BOSS throw. Her disc weighed 150 grams. Yuki Fukuhara and Yukari Komatsu took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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