Thursday, December 31, 2009

B.O. in 2009

bestofTwo thousand and nine is nearly done, tho reflection on the year can last forever until the next post. Based on reader enjoyment, here is 2009's ‘"Best"-Of’ listing – at least one SLOG posting from each month.

* January: Sludge Boat

* February: Pantydisc

* March: The New Sludge Hoody?

* April: Dood, Where's my CalendAR?

* May: Phlatulence

* June: Get Fiscal AND Unhockeyed (Remix)

* July: See-pia AND ExSPosureN

* August: SLUDanGErous

* September: Cover Your Cough AND The Flick

* October: Happy, Sandy Place AND Denier

* November: Pie Before Frisbee

* December: Stork Before Santa

==> 2008's B.O.

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