Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phoney Business

BFFDon't let this happen to you! No acting out your pickup repression. Pick up to answer the phone; pickup to throw Saturdays at 10am.

(FL)iPhone? [VTimesArgus. 12.10.09]

BARRE – You can add an airborne iPhone to Thomas Lauzon's lengthy list of mayoral accomplishments.

This week, Barre's often unpredictable mayor put a proverbial checkmark in that improbable box when City Manager John Craig's phone started vibrating a few inches from his left hand.

Without hesitation Lauzon plucked up Craig's iPhone and tossed it into a nearby corner while the manager was down the hall retrieving information for the council's consideration.

Seems Craig's wife, who was casually watching Tuesday's meeting on television, mistakenly thought the council had adjourned for the night when she saw her husband get up and leave the room. She called so the kids could say goodnight to their dad. Of course he didn't answer.

Neither, technically, did Lauzon, though it appeared for the briefest of moments that he might. Instead, the mayor turned the manager's phone into a Frisbee, calmly explaining its absence upon Craig's return.

"Your phone was vibrating so I took care of it for you," he said without elaborating.

Councilor Steven Mackenzie took it from there. "How good is your warranty?" he asked.

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