Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Love Game

Add tennis and walking/standing to the list of sports in explaining Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Results (Your Practice. Made Perfect.) is committed to supplying players with applicable knowledge based on current research. We offer instruction on throwing & conditioning.

Recent Findings:
June 16: I am becoming more and more convinced that movement patterns in ultimate resemble those of tennis more so than any other sport.

June 21: In one game, a player described as a "very active" handler spent 17 minutes on the field. Here is how he spent his time:

walking or standing = 4 min 8 seconds (what's the difference?)

jogging = 1 min 32 seconds

shuffling = 6 min 5 seconds (that's a lot of shuffles!)

running = 1 min 24 seconds

sprinting = 29 seconds

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