Monday, July 26, 2010

Ultimate Hiring

Ultimate Frisbee and Tech Startups: What's the Link? [MBAvoices 07.21.10]

What do Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Knewton all have in common?
Brilliant people? Check.
Great places to work? Check.
Cutting-edge technology? Check.
Ultimate Frisbee? Check.
Because Ultimate Frisbee resonates with the tech community so strongly, it has even become a way to find the right people for tech startups. The blog has this to say about selecting an ideal startup co-founder: "Look for diversity in outside activities. Major universities, like Stanford and MIT, are flush with smart people from all cultures, many of whom would bring a whole new energy and creativity to your startup. Certain activities seem to attract the right kind of independent thinkers, like rock climbing and ultimate Frisbee."

The blog even recommends using a game of Ultimate Frisbee as part of the interview process for selecting the right employees. "I GUARANTEE that after watching an Ultimate Frisbee game for a few hours, I can tell which players are the most successful, ambitious, passionate--it is an amazing way to screen employees." Although Ultimate Frisbee can be useful during the hiring process, most people play the game simply because they love it....

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