Monday, July 12, 2010

Worlds Beat

The World CUltimateP in Prague is over & the USA was #1 in every World Ultimate Club Championships 2010 division.

Open division:
1. Revolver (USA)
2. Sockeye (USA)
3. Buzz Bullets (Japan)
Spirit of the Game: Sockeye (USA)

Women division:
1. Fury (USA)
2. UNO (Japan)
3. Riot (USA)
Spirit of the Game: Woodchicas (Germany)

Mixed division:
1. The Chad Larson Experience (USA)
2. ONYX (Canada)
3. Mental Toss Flycoons (USA)
Spirit of the Game: Frizzly Bears (Germany)

Masters division:
1. Troubled Past (USA)
2. Surly (USA)
3. Eastern Greys (Australia)
Spirit of the Game: Big Bombers (Japan)

Lotsa scores to be updated. More congrats letters to be written?

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