Monday, February 14, 2011

Pace Yourself

wrose frisbeeThe essence of what Phil Collins (or Dianna Ross) sings "You can't hurry love" can be applied to the stall count in Ultimate.

Per USAU's 11th Edition rules:

XIV. The Marker
A. Stalling:
The period of time within which a thrower must release a throw may be timed by the stall count.
1.The stall count consists of announcing “stalling” and counting from one to ten loudly enough for the thrower to hear.
a. The interval between the first utterance of each number in the stall count must be at least one second.
b. All stall counts initiated, reinitiated or resumed after a stoppage of play must start with the word “stalling.”
c. If the count resets to one during a stoppage of play, it is considered a new count.


B. Marking Violations:
1. Fast count:

a. If the marker does not say “stalling” to initiate or resume a stall count, counts at intervals of less than one second, or skips a number in the count, it is a fast count.
b.If a fast count occurs in such a manner that the thrower does not have a reasonable opportunity to call “fast count” before the first utterance of the word “ten,” the play is treated as a contested stall (XIV.A.3.b).
c.If this (XIV.B.1.b) occurs in the same possession following a contested stall (either due to XIV.B.1.a or XIV.A.3.b), the stall count resumes at six.

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