Thursday, February 03, 2011

WINter or Lose your Footing

snowltimateWith the midwest and northeast received another reminder it's still winter, here's some advice when you go play snowltimate (Ultimate in the snow).

Cut carefully
Keep your shoulders over your knees, or else you’ll lose it. You want a straight line from your shoulder down through your knees to your feet.

Juke like crazy
Defenders face a disadvantage playing on a slick field. Use stutter steps & head shakes - they’ll have trouble recovering and keeping their footing.

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@UltiCraig said...

Sudbury Ultimate Club Presents
The Coolest Ultimate Tournament in the World

Saturday March 1st & Sunday March 2nd 2014
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

...and don't forget your Frostie Disc, a softer plastic that's suitable for colder weather conditions eh?