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Frisbee Finger Malady

Frisbee Drawback Frisbee Finger Is Bothersome Malady
[Lewiston Evening Journal - Aug 7, 1975]
By Warren E Leary (AP Science Writer)

BOSTON (AP) Now it’s the “Finger finger.”

While it hardly could be called a major medical problem, a doctor says tossing the popular plastics discs can cause an abrasion on the middle finger of the throwing hand. The bothersome, but easily malady is Frisbee finger.

“We have found that Frisbee finger has a higher rate among city dwellers,” the authors [a doctor & medical student] say, because constant use of the Frisbee on hard surfaces (such as concrete) produces jagged edges, which intensify and facilitate the abrasive action on the middle finger.

“The syndrome does occur with overuse of smooth-edged Frisbees as well, however, and should not be ruled out in subjects in more rural settings.”

The best treatment for Frisbee finger is abstinence, they say, since continued use of a Frisbee will rip off a bandage and irritate the skin.

A spokesman for [WHAM-O] said the company was aware that the plastic discs could get rough edges with wear.

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