Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 8: sMothering

ultimate momSludge was fashionably late in arriving, and the other team, despite fairly low numbers themselves, was eager to play. By the time everyone arrived, both teams had lots of women (Sludge had 5!), so it was agreed to play most of the game 4:3.

The first point, in contrast to last game, was a marathon. Each team choked on numerous goal-line attempts. Sludge eventually took the point, along with several others, en route to an 8-3 halftime lead.

Sludge also scored the first point in the second half before going into what has become our typical second-half slowdown. Absinthe didn't Mind to capitalize on brown mistakes as they mounted a slow-but-steady comeback.

At 11-9, the two early-season meltdowns seemed tragically embedded into Sludge's nature.

But rather than naturing, Sludge nurtured their defense-creates-offense. At 12-9, the time cap went into effect. Then, two quick scores. Win 14-9.

Per Matthew: The game was well-played, good spirited, & downright friendly. In all, a very good day.

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