Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pool Play Results: 5.21.2011

Half of spring's season games were canceled, reducing playtime and spending time with teammates (Rapture?!).

:Game 1:
Sludge began 5:1 and immediately threw away scoring opportunities. 0-1. As more brown appeared, more scoring followed. The offreshense [freshness of the offense] showcased multiple catch-&-throw-a-score by Sarah, Nigel, CHris & MattHew. 5-2.

Sludge's zone D, led by Mike, Bucci & Jen, outlasted the patient CHOMPP. 8-6 at a skipped half.

Win 10-6 (capped).

:Game 2:
In a reversal of the first game, the other team started 5:1, but scored the first point. The youthful It's Biz Time took care of business to halftime, leading 1-8 (ahem, still playing 5:1).

Sludge regrouped to rapturetchet up the veteran defense and dictate pace. At 5-8, Sludge gained a moral victory "forcing" IBT to play 5:2(!). CHarlie disciplined the youngins with some timely interceptions as MicHael chased Down one in the endzone corner.

The 10-point 2nd half was certainly a bright spot; cheering up brown's spirits as much as saleskids at the lemonade stand. Loss 11-13 (capped).

:Game 3:
There were no immediate effects of Sludge's 3rd consecutive game. 1-1, 3-3, 5-6. At 8-6, Sludge began to show their steady balance versus Built2Swill - David's deep D at the endzone, Brian's huck score to Steve, and Jen & Christy scores via Joe.

At 10-7, Rachel made a diving catch at the endzone's sideline. Catch? Yes. In-bounds? Apparently not, per best perspective. Play on.

Sludge capped off(ense) the game with a dump + swing score. Win 13-9 (capped).

:Game 4:
In the most anticipated game of the day, the next game was with pickupy friends KarmaKaze. Brown controlled the initial game pace - a fairly similar pace Sludge took in finding shade during the bye between their 3rd & 4th games.

At 3-3, Sludge adhered to offensive fundamentals with a 4:3 dominance - Christy played a super wing; Rachel threw scores; Bucci's timely cuts on grass (both at home & on the field); Jen's spirited zone; & Sarah extending the field. 8-6.

Gameplay heated up just as the sun seemed to radiate on missed sunscreened spots. Russ' active handblocks continued disrupting their offensive flow. 10-7.

Win 12-11 (capped).

Just before 6pm EDT on Saturday, May 21, after 4 games on a beautiful day, the unthinkable happened...
CAPTURE!!!...of a spot to to the next round for the 3-1 Sludge!

Note: Thanks to all the Sludge parental units whom merry'd-go-round their schedules to seamlessly play intermittent points during Saturday's games.

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