Monday, July 18, 2011

Quidditch Frisbee

quidditch frisbee Less broomsticks, more frisbees!

Quidditch tournament caps off Hogwarts Week [IDS . 11.21.10]

There were two teams this year: “Orange” and “White.” Seven people were on each side.

The chasers played offense, and they tried to throw a Frisbee through the goal. A keeper on the opposing team blocked them. Beaters tried to throw dodgeballs at the chasers - they wanted to “knock them out.”

The golden snitch was a person wearing a yellow T-shirt who ran around [the dorm] and hid. Both team’s seekers tried to find the snitch.

“My favorite part was when I looked behind me and saw the snitch running,” sophomore Jennifer Lynch said. “No one else saw.”

Because there was extra time, two rounds of Quidditch were played. There was no
clear winner.

“Our sport is not to be confused with the International Quidditch Association sport,” Runion said. “Ours is different with different rules. RPS frowns upon the use of broomsticks. It’s a safety hazard.”

Runion said she was happy with this year’s turnout for the Quidditch tournament and Hogwart’s Week.

“It was fantastic,” Lynch said. “Any excuse to dress up or do something crazy is good in my book.”

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