Friday, July 08, 2011

Ultimate List

basic ultimateDon't forget these few items to enjoy playing Ultimate in the summer.

Yourself – easily overlooked, but please attend, Ultimate is fun.
Cleats – if got ‘em, bring ’em.
Sunscreenprotect yourself.
Frisbee – write your name on the 175 gram flying disc.
Portable shade – takes the form of a hat, sunglasses, an umbrella or any other fancy creation.
Food – Lunch, bananas, energetic snacks, etc.
Liquid – water, water, water & a hydrating sports drink.
Attire – shorts + one white shirt. one dark shirt.
Socks – Bring 2 pair so if one pair gets (too) sweaty, you will have back-up.

Any other items you'd recommend?

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