Tuesday, August 02, 2011

International Frisbee Hall of Fame

IFHOFThere's all sorts of Hall of Fames. (Finally?) There's one for frisbees.

Sport of Frisbee recognized with new 'Hall of Fame' [UpMichSource . 8.1.11]

CALUMET, MICHIGAN -- At the Calumet Colosseum, the township supervisor has agreed to house the International Frisbee Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame itself started in 1978 with its first induction only four years later. Now with 34 people inducted, two of them this year from downstate, they're glad to finally have a permanent home for the hall.

"We've been looking for a home for the Hall of Fame for many years," says curator Dennis Walikainen. "There's just a whole group of people that really worked hard together to bring this to Calumet and have a home forever."

Also recognized in the Hall of Fame is the sport of Guts Frisbee where teams throw flying discs at members of the opposing team.

Guts Frisbee was invented by the Healy family and started in Eagle Harbor. They hope that the Hall of Fame will remind people of the sport of Guts Frisbee and its connection to the area.

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