Monday, August 22, 2011

Memories of Building the MLK Jr. Memorial

Today was the first day visitors could tour the memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr in Washington, DC. The new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial will officially be dedicated on August 28, the 48th anniversary of King Jr's "I have a dream" speech on the Washington Mall.

The memorial to the American civil rights leader is near West Potomac Park ("Polo Fields") & construction has taken a few years which has taken away field space from pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee.

Back in January 2008, there was an original showed area of the MLK memorial that would be along the Tidal Basin side only.

mlkapAn Auxiliary Building, sited on the west side of West Basin Drive, was later added...
Yet, construction encroached heavily* on the west side of West Basin Drive (not depicted in the original schemas).
* = size of an Ultimate field.

Aerial view of the Polo Fields (2013)

Bad News: More tourist foot traffic to possibly disrupt Ultimate pickup game(s).
More competition for parking in West Potomac Park.

Good News: If "Auxiliary Building" = restrooms & water, then these amenities would be closer to remaining field space.
West Basin Drive SW will be re-opened.
Less fencing where frisbees could be flung over & be lost to.
A memorial to an incredibly influential figure is accomplished.

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