Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ulti How-To

Ultimate techniquesBefore there was "Bro-Tips", books were published on the topic of Ultimate.

Ultimate Techniques & Tactics (2004)
A complete guide to playing the coolest game.

Authors: James Parinella; Eric Zaslow

Description: Improve your poaches, hone your hucks, and sharpen your cuts. With Ultimate Techniques & Tactics as your guide, you will master all of the offensive and defensive skills and principles critical to excelling in the sport.

This essential handbook contains more than the mechanics of the game; it presents in-depth instruction on using key skills such as throwing, cutting, and catching in game situations.

Ultimate Techniques & Tactics is the first and best guide to the sport of Ultimate. Use it to become an Ultimate champion!

Price: $11.97

More Ultimate books: TGSEIBM . First 4 Decades.

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