Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pool Play Results: 11.10.2012

Game 1:
Based on last spring's result, there was no margin of error when playing Dance Cafe. So, playing 5:1 for point #1 was not ideal; 0-1.

At full strength, Sludge kept pace until 5's. Joe to Brian; 1-2. Sarah's leading flick to MicHael; 2-2. Andrew's floater to Nigel; 2-3.

Down 5-7 at half (games to 13), Sludge smartened up the offense. Andrew's cross-field to Nigel deep in the endzone; 6-7. Brian's hammer to Steve; 7-8. Cap - game to 12 - was applied at 7-10.

Sludge eschewed from early offensive turnovers by playing excellent team zone D. The handlers were contained for much of the game because the cup acted like fencing around a cute puppy. Plus, the strategic switch to person D for one point worked and gave Sludge a needed break; 10-10.

Then at universe point (11's), RacHel's knockDown (ahem, a missed Callahan) in the endzone allowed Henry to flick to Nigel who secured his bobble for the final point. Win 12-11.
Joe doing what Joe does.
Game 2:
Sludge continued their s/pace versus Dr Von Rhino (the #1 seed in the pool) through haltime. Henry to Nigel to Bucci; 1-1. Brian to Jen; 3-3. MicHael's fake to Sarah for a wide open Russ; 5-4. Brian's punt to a shoestring catch by Nigel to Andrew; 6-4. RacHel's D led to a close proximity score to take half; 7-4.

Sludge extended the lead with precise handling - Jen to Andrew to Matthew to a low catch by Joe; 8-6.

If the easy go-with-the-flow interpretation of "downhill" described brown's first half, then the opposite translation tumbled Sludge the rest of the game.

Brian honorably defended the layout bid in Sludge's endzone, but was sidelined due to the collision. After which, Sludge was outscored 6-1. Loss 9-12.
Steve prepares to sky. 
Game 3:
After being down 0-1, the Sludge sideline happily remarked: 'One point closer to Saturday pickup'. Like Brian after (3) Advil, (1) beer, (sips) homemade liqueur & (1) PB&J, Sludge was feeling pretty good.

CHris' D led to a Joe to RacHel score; 1-1. Russ' handblock led to Michael's throw to Steve; 2-1. A Henry D led to his assist for Steve's second consecutive score; 3-1. Nigel went solo with a Callahan; 4-2. Sarah to Steve to Nigel; 5-2. Matthew to Joe to Sarah; 6-3. Russ to Nigel to Joe for a disputed line-straddle score, so play continued with a reset to Henry to Nigel to Sarah; 7-5.

The force-SO-many-throws zone employed by Sludge was working as advertised, except that the last throw by This Is Why I'm Hot was for score(s); 8-8. A handful of unidentified person defense was also used on this wind-les, sunny day.

CHarlie's connection to CHris and then to RacHel helped momentarily; 9-8. Sludge was broken a few times; 9-11. Bucci threw a score to Jen to bring it to 11's. Steve's D led to the next score; 12-12. Up 13-12, Matthew put it away with a 40-yard flick to CHris in stride. Win 14-12.

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Sarah S. said...

Sorry Steve and I were late for that first game. Glad we won it!