Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tryouts for Team USA

Want to play for Team USA's Ultimate team for the 2013 World Games in the "Trend Sport" of Flying Disc? Read on...

Info: Applicants will be narrowed down to a pool of players invited to one of two tryout camps in March 2013, with the goal of selecting Team USA's 13 players & a maximum of 7 alternates.

The USA Ultimate coaches - Alex Ghesquiere & Matty Tsang - will select the mixed team based on:
  • Capacity for Responsible Behavior 
  • Technical Skill (throwing, catching, running, cutting, defense, offense)
  • Knowledge of Ultimate (Spirit of the Game, on-field communication/terminology, offensive & defensive strategy)
  • Athletic Ability (speed, field sense, sports experience, training program) 
  • Teamwork
  • Leader Potential/Coachability 
  • Commitment to Team USA training (players will do everything in their power to reach their peak of health and conditioning in time for the world championship tournament. 
Player Application DEADLINE: December 14, 2012

Cost: $150 for the Tryout Camp Fee. Players must be USAU members and are responsible for their own travel & lodging for the tryout camps.

View the 2009 Team Roster . 2009 Results.

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