Sunday, November 04, 2012


The first day of "glove" weather of the Ultimate season did not stop a hot beginning to the last regularly scheduled game. The wind and the wind chill were both factors.

Sludge scored early and often - Andrew's backhand to Nigel, Russ' inside out to MattHew (3-0), Henry's hammer to MattHew; 4-1.

Sludge kept the lead with precise short and medium range throws, and primarily kept the disc moving. A sideline chain of CHris to Sarah to a Russ hop-in pushed the score to 5-3. CHarlie facilitated the next 2 points - one to Nigel and the other upline backhand to Russ who tossed to Sarah; 7-5.
Andrew's D, then throw to CHris took brown to half; 8-5.

Sludge pulled in the second half with a comfortable lead. At 9-6, the cordial Sundays at Six prevented Sludge scoring; specifically, three times on the 1-foot line during a crucial downwind point. Bending, but not completely broken, Sludge's "super wing" position (zone defense with one wing playing selective person D) created necessary turnovers which led to quick transitions. Andrew to CHris to CHarlie to Henry; 10-9. Amelia to Sarah; 11's.

Then down 11-12, AND downwind, MicHael's backhand to Nigel broke their zone & led to a Henry toss to an idle MattHew in the endzone; 12's. At this point, Sludge was showing its finely aged fluidness and wearing down the savage S@6 men.  Trapped on the sideline near the endzone, Russ snuck in a 4-yard toss to the cone at stall 9. The lightly D'd disc was caught by MicHael sliding in-bounds; 13-12. With safe momentum, brown closed it out.

Sludge win 15-12.

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