Monday, May 12, 2014

High Score in Spiders - Riptide AUDL Game

On Saturday, May 10, the San Jose Spiders beat the Vancouver Riptide in a high scoring match, 39 - 3332. 72 71points is the highest combined point total ever in an American Ultimate Disc League game. The AUDL plays four 12-minute quarters, which averages to 1 score every 40 ~41 seconds.

(Original mage with incorrect data)

Some game highlights:

UPDATED SCORE based on Spiders & Riptide. Sorry for promoting BAD DATA.


Anonymous said...

As it turns out, the score was actually 39-32, for a total of 71 points. Still a record.

And if you leave out the 137 seconds at the ends of the quarters during which no goal was scored, we get an even lower average of (2743/71=) 38.6 seconds per goal.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 4:37pm,
Thanks for brining this to my attention. I added links to each team's gameday twitter accounts to show the real game score. Excellent computation!