Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thirty-Five Years Ago: First UPA Club Nationals (1979)

On this date - May 27 - in 1979, the first-ever National Club Ultimate Championships started play in State College, Pennsylvania. This was UPA's first championship event with the 5 regional champions from each region - West, Midwest, South, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic - competing for the first UPA title. Before 1979, the International Frisbee Association sponsored the National Championships won by Rutgers (1975-1976) and the Condors (1977-1978).

In the finals on May 28, 1979, Glassboro (Mid-Atlantic) would win 18-17 over Santa Barbara Condors (West).

[state image by GreatCitees, text added by SLUDGE]
[Glassboro is now known as Rowan University]

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