Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Shying Away from MLU Away Uniforms

The away jerseys for MLU teams are not worn according to schedule. After sixteen games into the 2014 season, teams are not exactly adhering to the labels of "away" or "home" jerseys. When Major League Ultimate unveiled their 2014 "away" jerseys in March 2014, seven out of the eight teams' jerseys were white; only Vancouver had a dark away jersey. With the exception of Vancouver, viewers might have expected seeing the away team wearing white. More often, visiting teams wear their home jerseys for their away games.
  • In only 44% of MLU games, the away teams have worn their designated "away" jerseys; (7 out 16 games).
  • In 31% of MLU games*, both teams wore their designated "home" jerseys; (5 out of 16 games).
[Source: SLUDGE added uniform color data with existing MLU Schedule]
Portland & DC: Both the Stags and the Current have appropriately worn their home jerseys for home games and their away jerseys on the road. (Both are in 1st place of their respective conferences.)

Boston: In 4 games - 2 home, 2 away - the Whitecaps have worn their light blue (home) jerseys every game.  Their white (away) jerseys have never been worn during a game yet.

Philadelphia: In 4 games - 2 home, 2 away - the Spinners have worn their blue (home) jerseys every game.  We have yet to see their white (away) jerseys during a game.

New York: In their 4 games, Rumble has worn their green (home) jerseys in their 2 away games, and their white (away) jerseys in their home games; basically, opposite of what they're supposed to wear.

San Francisco: They have played 6 games already. Their 4 away games have been back-to-back games over 2 weekends, during which they wore their black (home) jersey once during each road trip.

Seattle: In their 3 home* games, Rainmakers have worn their white (away) jerseys twice.

Vancouver: In their 2 away* games, the Nighthawks have worn their red (home) jersey once.
* = Week 3's (4/26) Vancouver vs. Seattle match was played at a neutral site in Washington state, but deemed a Seattle "home" game on the MLU schedule.

Seeing this breakdown, it begs the questions: Who decides which uniform to wear? Why are teams not wearing their away jerseys??

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