Friday, February 19, 2016

Improving Ultimate Game Summaries

The pro ultimate leagues are (finally) progressing the way of score reporting of an ultimate game. The extra data about scoring are helpful for box scores [see examples from AUDL and MLU].

Still missing is a definitive recap for an ultimate game. Beyond the scores, what meaningful data are important to recap an ultimate game?

Below is an attempt to capture the major aspects of an ultimate game to convey a game summary.

Data Points
Time of Possession: Could be displayed as amount of time (25 min:10sec) instead of a percentage. I think the percentage shows advantage better.

Breaks: Breaking out how many points the defense scored - an important element in ultimate.

Turnovers: Indication of offense efficiency &/or defensive aggressiveness.

Times in the Red Zone: Within 20 yards of the end zone similar to American football.

Scoring Chances [Throws to the End Zone]: Similar to shots on goal similar to soccer or hockey.

Fouls: Number of rule infractions. Could also be supplemented with the accumulated yards (e.g. 4 fouls / 35 yards)

The benefit of a game recap is for use not just at game's end, but during and/or in middle of the game. Imagine the value of this snapshot for every broadcasted game of ultimate.

Completion percentage is another data point to consider.
Another data point, if ever tracked, is the number of times Integrity Rule (AUDL) /Spirit of Sportsmanship (MLU) were invoked by each team. Ever since the pro leagues have been in existence, I have advocated that if these "spirited" rules are what makes ultimate special, thus deserve to be highlighted. See below for a more condensed example of the game summary tracking spirit (star) which replaces fouls.

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parinella said...

I'd rather see "passes" than "% time of possession", though the two ought to have a high correlation. This would add information about the aggressiveness of each team.